Lead Agency

The State Road Safety Cell - Rajasthan

In compliance to the directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety and in order to fulfil the State Government's commitment towards reduction of road accidents, fatalities and injuries, State Road Safety Cell was constituted on 29.06.2016 vide order no F.10 (699) Trans/PD/20l4/12165 in Transport Department. The Road Safety Cell comprises officials of various stakeholder departments including Police, Medical & Health, PWD and LSG have been deputed for improved inter departmental coordination.

The State Road Safety Cell is the nodal agency reporting to Supreme Court Committee as single point of contact. It works as the Lead Agency in the state for improving road safety scenario. The Lead Agency acts as Secretariat to the State Level Road Safety Committees like Cabinet Sub Committee, State Road Safety Council, Transport Management Committee and also coordinates with all stakeholder departments/agencies. At present, the State Road Safety Cell is headed by Transport Commissioner under whom the concerned officers deputed from different departments function under one roof. The present structure of the State Road Safety Cell is described in the given organization chart.

List of Officers and Staff in State Road Safety Cell

S. No. Name of the Officer Designation Mobile No
1 Nidhi Singh Joint Transport Commissioner (RS) 9460145972
2 Suresh Beniwal Superintending Engineer 7976579366
3 Dr. L. N. Pandey Senior Medical Officer 9314242191
4 Ujjawal Sharma Dy. S. P. 9166184444
5 Rameshwar Prasad Jat AAO-I 9929796526
6 Ghanshyam Singh Motor Vehicle Inspector 8696941956
7 Swati Dixit Motor Vehicle Inspector 9413346245
8 Shyam Singh Rajput Senior Administrative Officer 7793027900
9 Ramesh Kumar Varyani Junior Administrative Officer 9799558579
10 Naresh Kumar Shyoran Informatics Assistant 9460843609
11 Rachna Kanwar Informatics Assistant 9468624949
12 Nand Kishore Sharma Constable 9887935212

Functions of the Lead Agency

The major functions of the Lead Agency could be collectively categorized into the five categories that are defined as Five Pillars of Road Safety viz.

Out of these five pillars, the first four pillars mainly focus on preventive measures and the fifth takes cares about the post-crash response. Among these five pillars of road safety, the pillar Road Safety Management is the most important as it provides foundation for rest of the activities. This is illustrated in the Priority Pyramid described above. Road Safety Management defines the roadmap for functioning of the entire road safety ecosystem.

  1. It works as secretariat to the State Road Safety Council headed by Hon'ble Transport Minister.
  2. It ensures time bound compliance of directions issued by the Hon'ble Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety.
  3. It coordinates with all stakeholder department/agencies concerned with road safety.
  4. It ensures compliance of provisions of State Road Safety Policy through formulation and implementation of target-oriented Road Safety Action Plan.
  5. It prepares proposal for budget allocation and judicious expenditure on road safety measures.
  6. Convene regular meetings for Cabinet Sub Committee, State Road Safety Council, Dedicated Road Safety Fund Organizing Committee, Stakeholders for compliance of directions issued by Hon'ble Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety and other meeting as and when directed.
  7. It ensures holding of regular meetings of District and Sub Divisional Level Road Safety Committees and compliance of decisions taken at State Level through them.
  8. It monitors and ensure implementation of all other activities related to road safety in the state.