Bal Vahini Norms in Rajasthan

Regulation for School Buses

With a vision to provide safe, convenient and accessible transport medium to the students of educational institutions, the Department of Transport and Road Safety have implemented the Bal Vahini scheme vide Office Order No. 23/2017 dated 29.06.2017 by suppressing the Office Order No. 19/1998 dated 21.07.1998 and its amendments issued from time to time.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Conditions for Vehicles Covered Under Bal Vahini Norms
  • The color of the school bus will be Golden Yellow with School Bus written on the front and back. For contractual buses On School Duty will be written.
  • The name and phone number of the school will be compulsorily written on the back of the bus/van/cab/auto so that it can be informed in case of emergency or negligence by the driver.
  • The driver of the auto/van/cab/bus operated under this scheme should have 5 years of experience in driving the same category of vehicle and should have a valid driving license for at least 5 years.
  • First aid box and fire extinguisher should be compulsorily installed in the van/cab/bus/auto.
  • GPS in Auto/Bus/Van/Cab to be installed compulsorily. Access of the same should be made available to the school administration, so that it may be monitored by them.
  • Speed Governors should be installed in Bal Vahini vehicles in compliance to the Order No. 10/2016 dated 31.03.2016 issued by the department and its functionality must be ensured by the school authorities.
  • Vehicles used as Bal Vahini shall comply all the provisions mentioned in the Motor Vehicles Act, such as registration, fitness, insurance, pollution under control etc.
  • The window bars shall be installed in such a manner that their distance at a given point should not be more than 200 mm in the vertical direction.
  • There should be proper arrangement of door lock in Bal Vahini vehicles.
  • If the driver of the Bal Vahini has been issued challan for violation of red-light, driving at high speed, dangerous driving, drunk driving, and using mobile while driving for more than once, he must not be allowed to drive such vehicle.
  • Road Safety and Basic Life Support training should be conducted once in two years.
  • At least once in two years, it will be necessary to get and medical checkup (eye and health checkup) done for drivers. Such training will be conducted by Road Safety Cell, Transport Department.
2. Responsibilities of School/College Administration
  • Bal Vahini scheme should be strictly implemented by the head of the educational institution through road safety clubs.
  • A detailed traffic plan should be prepared by the educational institution to ensure safe boarding and alighting of students from a designated safe place.
  • CCTV cameras should be installed by the school/college at the desired locations within the school premises and outside the school facing towards the road.
  • Identity card should be issued by the institution to the Bal Vahini drivers and conductors according to the specified norms. The ID Card should be kept by the driver at the time of driving.
  • The list will be submitted to the Convener Committee for conducting refresher training courses once every two years to the drivers of Bal Vahini vehicles used by the educational institutions.
  • The list of the drivers undergoing road safety refresher training, health checks and eye checkup etc. should be presented before the Coordinating Committee.
  • The following records will be maintained by the educational institution through Road Safety Club:
    • Register having details of all the vehicles being used as Bal Vahini
    • Vehicle-wise register having details of students being transported by that vehicle
    • Complaint Register where parents or students could log their complaints
  • Regular feedback/suggestions should be taken from children, parents and the Road Safety Club about the driver. Children should be taught that if there is any complaint regarding the driver the conductor, it should be brought into notice to the school administration.
3. Convenor Committee for Implementation of Bal Vahini Scheme

There shall be a Standing Coordinating Committee for the implementation of Bal Vahini Scheme in each district consisting of the following members:

Superintendent of Police/Deputy Commissioner of Police Chairman
Sub-Divisional Magistrate/Assistant Collector & Executive Magistrate nominated by District Collector Member
Assistant Engineer, Public Works Department Member
District Education Officer, Education Department Member
District Traffic In charge, Police Member
Executive Engineer, Local Government Department Member
Executive Engineer, Concerned Development Authority Member
Deputy Chief Medical and Health Officer Member
One representative each from Bus/Van/Auto/Cab Operators Union Member
One representative each from school and college nominated by the Chairman of the committee Member
Two guardians nominated by the Chairman of the committee Member
Two representatives from Civil Societies nominated by the Chairman of the committee Member
District Transport Officer Member Secretary

The committee shall ensure the following:-

  • Only vehicles having Bal Vahini permit are used exclusively for the transportation of school children.
  • Guidelines issued by Hon'ble Supreme Court, State Road Safety Cell (the Lead Agency) - Transport Department, Education Department etc. to be strictly adhered.
  • The committee shall review the implementation of Bal Vahini norms by holding a meeting with the heads of all the schools/colleges of the district once in every 6 months.
  • Compliance of the traffic plan prepared by the schools/colleges shall be ensured by the committee.
  • Road Safety and speed calming measures such as determination of speed limit, implementation of road signs, zebra crossing, speed breakers and all sort of required warning signs and their maintenance shall be ensured by the committee.
  • The committee shall prepare an annual for organizing eye/health check-up camps for Bal Vahini drivers.
  • Enforcement agencies like Police and Transport Department shall regularly check Bal Vahini vehicles through a joint campaign which shall also be monitored by the committee.

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