Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Walk Safe

Pedestrians are most vulnerable road users because they do not own any means of safety or they do not wear any safety gears to get protected from road crashes. In Rajasthan share of pedestrians getting killed in road crashes is around 13% whereas in India around 17% pedestrians get killed in road crashes, according to the statistics published by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in 2021.

The term pedestrian does not imply to a person not owning a motor vehicle. Every road user is a pedestrian because as soon as he gets off from the vehicle, he becomes a pedestrian. Extreme caution is required by the drivers when they see pedestrians including children, aged persons, specially abled persons, women and children.

Respect Pedestrians

Pedestrians must be offered due respect for the following reasons:

  • They are vulnerable road users.
  • They have first right on the road.
  • They do not harm the environment.
  • They do not interfere or block others.

Safety for Pedestrians

  • Where footpath is not provided, walk at the right side of the road (in opposite direction to the approaching traffic).
  • Where footpath is available walk on either side of the road according to the convenience.
  • Never enter the road from behind parked cars or from the blind turns.
  • Wear light colored or fluorescent clothes and use reflective material if moving out during the dark.
  • Concentrate on traffic and avoid using mobile phone and headphones while using a road.

Steps for Crossing Road Safely

  • First, look for a safe place to cross the road.
  • Use zebra crossing, subway or foot over bridge to cross a road safely in busy urban areas.
  • Ensure you can see in all the directions from where you are about to cross the road.
  • Never cross a road diagonally. This could lead you and the driver to misjudge correct distance and time.
  • Vehicles can also approach from wrong direction. Try to listen for traffic sounds along with watching the moving traffic.