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State Road Safety Cell, Department of Transport & Road Safety

The State Road Safety Cell, Department of Transport and Road Safety, Rajasthan acts as the Lead Agency in the state and reports directly to the Hon'ble Supreme Court Committee (SCCoRS) on Road Safety. The cell also acts as the secretariat for various State Level committees constituted on road safety. In compliance to the directions of Hon'ble SCCoRS, the interdepartmental State Road Safety Cell was constituted within the Transport Department, the nodal department for road safety, in June 2016.

The cell comprises of officers from multiple stakeholder departments including Transport, Police, Medical & Health, Public Works Department, Urban Development & Housing, Local Self Government and Education Department. The officers of these department function under one roof for effective coordination among these departments. At present Ms. Nidhi Singh, Joint Transport Commissioner (Road Safety) is the Officer In-charge of the cell.

During the years, road safety has gain impetus as the rising motor vehicle crashes and resulting fatalities have become a serious concern for the Government. Therefore, the State Road Safety Cell within the department is restlessly focusing on the issue. Looking at the importance of this complex problem, the Government has renamed the department from Transport Department to the Department of Transport and Road Safety in October 2021. Some of the major functions of the State Road Safety Cell include the following:

  • It works as secretariat to the various State Level Road Safety Committees.
  • It coordinates with all stakeholder department/agencies concerned with road safety.
  • It ensures compliance of provisions of State Road Safety Policy through formulation and implementation of target-oriented Road Safety Action Plan.
  • It ensures time bound compliance of directions issued by the Hon'ble Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety.
  • It monitors and ensure implementation of all other activities related to road safety in the state.