State Level

Road Safety Committees

Managing road safety is a complex issue and it requires joint collaboration of multiple stakeholder departments to function to achieve the desired outcomes. Keeping the scenario in view, State Road Safety Cell was constituted which is the Lead Agency in the state in for road safety. Among the various stakeholder departments, the Transport Department is the nodal department for road safety in the state. To prioritize the road safety activities in the state, the Government of Rajasthan vide a Gazette Notification No. 346 dated October 1st, 2021, renamed the Transport Department as Department of Transport and Road Safety. In strengthen the monitoring and evaluation framework in the state pertaining to road safety, several state level road safety committees are functional comprising political leaders and senior officers from multiple stakeholder departments. Details of all state level road safety committees is described in subsequent section.

State Level Road Safety Committees

  1. High Power Committee
    The High Power Committee was constituted on 12.03.2020 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister. The committee comprises Hon’ble Ministers and senior officers of road safety stakeholder departments.
  2. State Road Safety Council
    The State Road Safety Council was constituted on 03.07.2009 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Transport Minister. This committee comprises senior officers from road safety stakeholder departments and one civil society from each Division of the state. The meeting of the committee is convened on half yearly basis.
  3. Traffic Management Committee
    The Traffic Management Committee was constituted on 10.04.2007 and it is Chaired by the Chief Secretary of the State. Senior officers from stakeholder departments and two civil societies working in the field of road safety are the members of the committee.