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Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation 2017

Safety is essential while driving on the road. It is important for all the drivers and road users to have in-depth knowledge of Motor Vehicle Driving Regulations (MVDR) for safe use of the road. These regulations provide detailed information to road users about driving on the road, taking decision in different situations on the roads and important rules related to driving to ensure safety. Some of the important rules related to driving as described in the Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation, 2017 include:

  • Changing Lane
  • Taking a U-turn
  • Parking a safe distance
  • Merging with traffic
  • Right of way
  • Crossing the intersection
  • Turning left or right
  • Stopping the Vehicle Correctly
  • Use of communication devices
  • Driving in the designated lane
  • Crossing the roundabout
  • Correctly overtaking
  • Various traffic signs and signals
  • Duties of the driver in case of an accident

These guidelines are required to be followed by all road users and they are called Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation, 2017. These regulations were amended in the year 2017 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India, and its notification was issued by the Ministry on 23 June 2017.

The Motor Vehicle Driving Regulation, 2017 describes 40 regulations in detail. All the regulations are mandatory to be followed by all the road users. According to Section 177A of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019, a provision has been made to book the offence for violating these regulations which amounts to rupees between 500/- to Rs. 1000/-.

Sec. 3 - Duty Towards Other Road Users and the General Public

Sec. 4 - Use of Roads by Vehicles

Sec. 5 - Duties of Drivers and Riders

Sec. 6 - Lane Traffic

Sec. 7 - Right of Way

Sec. 8 - Left, Right and U Turns

Sec. 9 - Precautions to be Taken at Intersections

Sec. 10 - Precautions to be Taken at Roundabouts

Sec. 11 - Indication of Signals

Sec. 12 - Traffic Control Signals

Sec. 13 - Manual Traffic Control

Sec. 14 - Overtaking

Sec. 15 - Merging in Traffic

Sec. 16 - Speed

Sec. 17 - Keeping Safe Distance

Sec. 18 - Restrictions on Driving Backwards (in reverse direction)

Sec. 19 - Level Crossings

Sec. 20 - Entering a Tunnel

Sec. 21 - Vehicles Going Uphill to be Given Precedence

Sec. 22 - Stopping and Parking

Sec. 23 - Use of Horns and Silence Zones

Sec. 24 - Mandatory Orders

Sec. 25 - Passing Along Formations

Sec. 26 - Bar on Traffic Impairment

Sec. 27 - Vehicles Designated for Emergency Duties

Sec. 28 - Vehicle Breakdown

Sec. 29 - Action in Case of Vehicular Accident

Sec. 30 - Towing a Vehicle

Sec. 31 - Vehicle Lighting

Sec. 32 - Driving of Tractors and Goods Vehicles

Sec. 33 - Lane Splitting (lane within a lane)

Sec. 34 - Restriction to Carriage of Dangerous Substances

Sec. 35 - Projection of Loads

Sec. 36 - Registration Plates

Sec. 37 - Use of Mobile Telephones and Communication Devices

Sec. 38 - Production of Documents

Sec. 39 - Pedestrian Crossings, Footpaths and Cycle Tracks

Sec. 40 - Knowledge and Understanding of Road Signs, Markings, Traffic Control Signals, the Act and the Rules

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