Helping Others

Aged, Specially Abled and Children Need Help

As we know that pedestrians, bicyclists and two wheeler riders are categorized as vulnerable road users. In addition to that there is immense need to pay extra attention when you see children, women, women with children, elderly people and specially abled persons who are sharing road with motorized traffic. Specially abled person may include people having certain physical disabilities. Places where there is likelihood of presence of blind or deaf persons for example an institution meant for such persons including a school or college, they are also required to be indicated to other road users through road signs. Indian Road Congress provides provisions for such road signs in Code of Practice for Road Signs (IRC 67:2022). Therefore, it is essential for all the drivers to know about these road signs.

It is also a good human gesture to help people who are finding difficulty in crossing the road amid a busy road. So, helping an elderly, child or specially abled person on road is considered as an act of kindness. In case if you are driving a vehicle and see someone who is trying to cross the road, you must slow down or stop the vehicle so they may cross the road safely.

Many a times we see that a cyclist or a two wheeler rider gets unbalanced or fall when they encounter some obstruction on road or a sudden change in road condition for example a poorly designed speed braker, pothole, or slippery road etc. Being a sensible and kind human being in such situation is always expected. Investing a little time in helping others doesn't make any difference. Always help others with whole hearted support to make the community safer. Other initiatives that can be taken as a good citizens are summarized hereunder:

  1. Be an Active Citizen

    As an active citizen your small act of kindness can bring a significant change. Participate in community programs, meet people, discuss local road safety issues, and traffic problems you face every day. Do not hesitate to meet government officials to discuss road safety and traffic related problems. If you have any solution that can bring a remarkable change, request them to implement. You may have an excellent solution but think from their perspective as well. Discuss whether the solution is feasible to implement and does abide to all legislative issues.

  2. Be a Good Samaritan

    Help a road crash injured who need immediate help. It could be someone from your family next. Be assured that helping a road crash victim never involves risk of getting into any police or criminal procedures. According to the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, 2019 police or any hospital never ask you any question or hold you for an enquiry.

  3. Set an Example for Others

    Be the change agent, a torch bearer and set example for others. Think about road safety seriously, know about motor vehicle laws / regulations and follow them judiciously. Never forget that charity begins at home. If you will take road and traffic rules seriously your kids will follow them. Be the hero of road safety.

  4. Educate the Community

    When people recognize you as a messenger of road safety, you can lead the community and involve them in your plan of action to influence others that may include people living in your residential society, friends or family members etc. You can use your skills such as music, art, acting or social media to educate people about road safety.

  5. The Government has its Own Role to Play

    The Government has its own role to play. It is possible that you may be aware of an issue which is needed to be addressed to prevent a road crash. Communicate to the concerned department immediately and never wait that the Government will take an action one day. Community has immense power and if it possible to bring the change with the help of community, please initiate. If any structural change is required on the road, please get it done through the authorities only. For example, constructing a speed braker on any kind of road can never be considered as a community action but barricading an open manhole or pothole does.

  6. Volunteer for the Cause

    At certain cases, need arises where people and Government join hands together to solve a problem. For example, community policing system where people take help of community to maintain law and order or solve local traffic issues. If you find any chance to volunteer for the cause, just make it happen and contribute in making roads safer.