Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD)

The Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) Project is an initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India and is funded by World Bank, with objective to improve road safety in the country.

To achieve this, establishment of an accurate and uniform road accident data collection mechanism from all over India, is required. For this purpose, iRAD mobile & web application is developed. This is followed by training & handholding support to stakeholder departments through state / district roll out managers & master trainers. Initially iRAD application was launched in 59 lighthouse districts of 6 pilot states i.e., Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh on 15th February 2021. This will facilitate road accident data collection by four stakeholder departments namely Police, Transport, Road Owning Agencies and Medical & Health Department by following Standard Operating Procedure. Through iRAD road accident data is being collected from all over the country. The collected data will be analyzed using different data analytics technique for identification of accident prone areas and causes of the accidents. The analysis output will be represented in appropriate dashboards, accessible to higher authorities of stakeholder departments and MoRTH. Accordingly, strategy will be framed for reduction in number of road accident in India to enhance road safety. NICSI & IITM have been jointly entrusted to carry out Design, Development, Training, and Implementation of iRAD project, along with research & analysis activities. NICSI is responsible for Development of iRAD mobile (Android and iOS) & web application to facilitate collection & analysis of road accident data, establishing the required cloud infrastructure / server setup and its maintenance, training to stakeholders, establishment of helpdesk & program rollout across India. IITM is associated with architecture designing, organizing stakeholder conferences, development of training content and training of trainers/master trainers, research & data analytics activities.

Overview of iRAD

The main objective of the project is to enrich the accident databases from every part of the country. The project would generate various types of insights by analyzing the collected road accident data across the country through implementation of data analytics technique. The proposed system would represent the analysis output through Monitoring & Reporting Dashboard and Analytics Dashboard for easy understanding for forecasting helping higher authorities for decision making and policy formulation. The expected outcome of the project is to enhance road safety i.e., “Safe Roads for All” in India.

The iRAD application would facilitate collection & hosting of all the road accident data, collected in predefined format from accident location throughout the country in a centralized accident database. As per standard operating process currently followed in India, in case of any road accident, multiple stakeholders are associated. iRAD has customized interfaces for all the key stakeholders comprising Police, Transport, Road Owning Agencies and Medical & Health Department.

Features of iRAD

  • Available in Mobile (Android & iOS) and Web Platform
  • Work Flow Login Credential based access
  • Local Language Interface and enabling the respective State for suitable translations
  • Easy Data Entry - Dropdown selection using Check box and Radio Button
  • Capturing of GPS Location of accident site with base map reference
  • Customized Look and feel for the respective States/Departments
  • Highly scalable Modular architecture and Open Source RDBMS for storing Data
  • Accident ID with limited critical details
  • Online/Offline Data entry option with auto- sync mechanism
  • Simple and Flexible User Management
  • Push and Pull Web Services/APIs
  • Support for FIR creation and Vehicle Damage Assessment
  • Dedicated Dashboard and 18 Standard MORTH Reports and Other State specific reports
  • Extension of iRAD for e-DAR

iRAD Dashboard



iRAD accident map showing all accident locations

On spot entries on iRAD application of road accidents by various stakeholders in Rajasthan