Safety in Public Transport

Types of Public Transport Modes

In addition to personal medium of transport, people use lot of other modes of transportation that are meant to cater mass commute or personalized transit. The medium of public transport can be categorized as Mass Rapid Transit which include Metro and BRTS etc., Para Transit such as city buses and Personalized Public Transport like auto rickshaw and taxi (including aggregators).

Depending upon the need, one may use a single mode of transport or may have a mixed use such as use of a metro followed by a bus for further travel. Likewise taking care of safety while using a personal vehicle, it is also required to mind own’s safety while using a public transport medium. There are several risks are involved in traveling using a public transport mode.

Safety Tips for Public Transport Users

  1. Plan your route before starting the journey: To avoid any sort of confusion and save time plan your journey in advance.
  2. Book your means of transport in advance: If you are opting to travel using a personalized medium, it is better to book the transport medium before time.
  3. Check arrival time: When opting for a Mass Rapid System such as Metro or BRTS you may check its arrival time on their respective website and frequency of availability.
  4. Stay alert: Always be alert. Many a times people become a victim such a theft or burglary. Make sure you do not fall asleep during the travel.
  5. Buy emergency safety devices: If you feel unsafe during travel in public transport it is better to buy some emergency safety devices. These devices may include GPS trackers, of emergency alert device that will help in catching thieves.
  6. Avoid show off:During the travel do not try to show your expensive devices such as mobile phone, jewelry or any other item. Try avoiding wearing jewelry while using public transport mediums. Even it is recommended not to travel with excessive cash.
  7. Share your location: If one is traveling on personalized mode of transport, it is better to share your location with family members. Some aggregator service App also provide feature to share your location with other while they book a ride and travel.
  8. Take pictures: If one has booked a private taxi or an autorickshaw, the photograph of the vehicle can be taken from the front and rear (with the driver) and can be shared with family members. In taxis, vehicle and owner's information is displayed which is also called as the third registration plate. It's picture can also be taken.
  9. Watch for child lock: While sitting in the taxi ensure that the child lock is not set. If you find so, release the lock and then close the vehicle door.
  10. Never board a moving train or bus: Running behind a moving bus or train is extremely dangerous. Never try to board a moving train or bus. Such situation can be avoided if you plan your travel and manage time accordingly.