Road Network

Highway and Other Road Network in Rajasthan

Road network in Rajasthan as on March 2022 comprises total road length of 2,78,814 kilometres. The state’s road network consists of National Highways, State Highways, Major Districts Roads (MDR), Other District Roads (ODR) and Village Roads (VR). Out of the total road length, share of National Highways is 3.81%, State Highways 6.18%, MDR 4.76%, ODR 18.37% and VR 66.88%. Over the years, there has been consistent improvement in accessibility and mobility of passengers and freight across the state through the construction of new roads and upgradation of the existing roads. According to the Annual Progress Report 2022-23 published by the Public Works Department, the status of road length in Rajasthan as on 31st March 2022 is as follows:

Road Network in Rajasthan (up to 31.03.2022) (Source: Public Works Department, Government of Rajasthan)
S. No. Road Category Length (Km) Percentage Share
1 National Highways 10,618 3.81
2 State Highways 17,238 6.18
3 Major District Roads 13,271 4.76
4 Other District Roads 51,225 18.37
5 Village Road 1,86,462 66.88
TOTAL 2,78,814 100.00

Percentage Share of Road Network in Rajasthan